NLP (Neruo Linguistic Programming)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence and is fast becoming recognized as one of the best cutting edge tools for personal and professional development. 
NLP Powered Law Of Attraction
The life-changing Law of Attraction course will teach you everything that you need to know about how you can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create your dream life. At its root, LOA is based on the simple concept of ‘like attracts like’, or ‘thoughts become things’, ‘ask, believe, receive’ and ‘what you can conceive, you can achieve’, but there is so much more to it than this.
Psychic Development
The word psychic is very broad in meaning and many other terms are used to describe the abilities and skills discussed in this course, for example intuition, extrasensory perception or sixth sense.
Psychic Portal: Develop Your Intuition And Psychic Abilities
You have great hidden powers within you. once you open these portals or gateways called “Clairs”, you are then open and are able to receive all the guidance available to you, from the Universe! a comprehensive and in-depth training certification program which focuses on improving your Intuition and Psychic abilities.
Remote Viewing Basics
You will learn how to take your natural intuition that society has taught you to ignore and give yourself confidence through positive response based affirmation.
Shamanic Healing
Shamanism is about connecting with, and using the power delegated by, spirits. It is therefore fundamentally important for a shaman to have a deep connection with the spiritual world and have a strong understanding of the spiritual nature of the method used.
Skills of Life: School Program
The Skills of Life programme is an introduction to mindfulness for 3 to 18-year-olds, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.
Soulful Connections: Connect With Spirit Guides, Angels And Ascended Masters
Learn ways to connect with your team of guides, angels and your ascended master and get divine guidance when ever you need. These are enlightened spiritual beings who are forever there to guide us, shower us with their love and watch over us at all times.
Sound Therapy
The Sound Healing Course offers students the ability to learn all about the use of therapeutic sound frequencies for the treatment of various physical, mental and spiritual conditions.
Spirit Guides Mastery
We always choose a path before we are born and we have to walk on that path to fulfill our destiny, but we are definitely not walking alone on this path, we have help from our Spirit Guides. They are our mentors as they have had life’s experiences while they were on the physical plane.
Spirit Signs: Connect And Communicate With Loved Ones In Heaven
A lot of people believe that after death they loose their loved ones and death separates them, some people are completely lost, almost as if it’s the end of the world for them and they strongly feel that they are left alone forever.
Spiritual Gardens: Plants & Herbs
Whether you aim to fuel a hobby, or hope to obtain a career in Gardening and Landscaping, this course will supply you with a comprehensive guide.
Spiritual Life Coaching
This course outlines what spiritual life coaching is, how it differs from regular life coaching and the difference between a spiritual life coach and a religious or spiritual leader.
Spiritual Shamanism Package
You’ll be taught how to perform traditional ceremonies that will give you strength and power, and allow you to heal your wounds.
Stress Management
Learn how to identify and handle stress.
Tea Leaf Reading
Tasseography, also known as Tealeaf reading, is an ancient fortune telling method used by some psychics to predict the future by interpreting the random arrangements and patterns of tealeaves inside a teacup.
Trance Healing
Learn about the power of Trance healing and how to enter a deep state of meditation, connecting with your Spirit Friends in order to receive messages and heal clients by transferring your spirit through your aura to your client.
Unlimited Abudance
The Unlimited Abundance course is perfect for individuals who are interested in learning more about how to attract exactly what you want and programming your mind for Unlimited Abundance.
Zibu: Angelic Symbols And Language
Zibu angelic symbols are described as the language of angels, drawn by the artist Debbie Zylstra Almstedt. The Angel herself called the symbols “Zibu”. These symbols are meant to assist people in their daily lives…

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